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Established since 1947, Cresta is the largest independent importer of quality Italian and Spanish footwear into Australasia.

We carry an extensive range of quality footwear across many categories and price points.

Through years of experience, strong links have been built with our network of suppliers, providing a reliable source of quality footwear to our retail clients.

Cresta Holdings philosophy has always been one of professional service, reliability and accountability.

The depth of experience and knowledge within our dedicated team has consistently shown an intuitive understanding of the Australasian fashion market.

By efficiently managing the latest technologies, our sales, ordering and distribution model services one of the highest delivery rates in the industry.

Our focus on the ever changing footwear market has always been the catalyst to provide our customers with the highest level of service, branding and fashion content.

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Pura Lopez - The Designers Label Baldinini
Amalfi - The Classic Italian Footwear Felmini - Fashion with a Twist
Audley - Structured Elegance 24 HRS - Just Like Walking Barefoot
Unisa - Fashion Worldwide Gino Vaello - A passion for shoes
Yuko Imanishi - Designer Igualados - Equals Two
Marco D'alessi - Designers Edge Scolaro - Comfort and Fashion Since 1890
Torretti - For Those Who Know Quality Quait - Quintessential footwear
Grisport - Leaders in Hiking Technology IX - Commercial Trend
Lili Mill - Its About The Style Lokas - Progressive and Funky
LSTONY - Finest Handmade Men's Shoes Plakton - Cork Molded Technology Made in Spain
Area Forte - Street Wear Leaders Enrico Santi - Instinctive Style
Loake - Traditionally Handcrafted Since 1880 Anatomic Shoes - A new degree in comfort

Unisa - Fashion Worldwide

Unisa was established in the 1970's as a small label that took inspiration from the relaxed Spanish lifestyle.


Over time they began hiring top designers from around the world who would, in accordance with their tastes and brand philosophy. keep the Unisa range looking fresh and mainstream.

High quality materials and excellent fit have always been the cornerstone of the Unisa brand and product.


It is a brand of significant international renown, being established over time by being on the mark with current commercial trends as well as ensuring that their styling and fit are of the highest standard.


Unisa stays true to the Spanish reputation with bold colours being carried on high quality leathers and suedes.

Felmini - Handmade with Passion

Felmini was established in Portugal in 1973, with their founders creating the brand on the core values of passion, integrity and beauty. For the past four decades, they have been contemplating the style of contemporary young women, with their team of creative designers, dreaming up the cutting edge of fashion trends. This enthusiasm can be seen in their ranges season after season and is a testament to the youthful mindset of the company.


The origins of Felmini go back to the days when they were solely leather producers. This ability to produce any type of vision they can dream up is one of the most exciting features of Felmini shoes and boots. They can create bold colours and textured effects which makes a product that stands out from the crowd. These are made even more special by the fact that all these processes are done by hand. This means that not only is the utmost care taken in the production of Felmini footwear, but that each pair of shoes is quite unique. This colourful, singular styling is important to everyone at Felmini, as they try to make footwear which give their wearer the same feeling of life and happiness that went into their creation.


            Felmini is not only about bright colours and fashion. They also seek out a variety of the best leathers and finishes, and ensure that all their materials and processes are of the finest quality and European safety standards. These exacting standards are combined with a mastery of their artisanal work as well as the latest technology to ensure that Felmini footwear is at once both modern and timeless.


            These days, Felmini is available in over thirty countries around the world, and they still hold true to those core values on which the brand was started. As well as this, the particular hand-treatment of Felmini boots and shoes as well as their registered multi coloured lining help to make them immediately recognisable – this all goes into making it a strong brand, which customers can know straight away and rely on.

Amalfi - The Italian Classic

it comes to making beautifulThere are no substitutes for experience and passion when  leather footwear, and the head of Italian manufacturing company Rangoni possesses them both.


Second generation artisan Niccolo has followed in father Ugo's footsteps by providing the world with his lovingly designed and manufactured quality women's shoes.

“In the fashion business, every season you start from scratch,” said Niccolo. “You are constantly creating a new product, a new look. Once you have that in the blood – it’s very difficult to give up.”

From humble beginnings working from home in 1937 to today's expensive six-storey factory, the home of Amalfi Shoes continues to represent traditional Italian craftsmanship.

Ugo was originally a leather salesman who, with nothing but a dream and sheer determination, created a company that is known worldwide for its style, elegance and impeccable service.


His philosophy was that shoes should be made using the best materials possible and his formula of quality plus comfort proved so popular that in the early 1940s they created the Amalfi line for American buyers, at the time becoming one of the first Italian designers to export to the United States. Within just a few years the company was producing shoes for designers such as Christian Dior.


Ugo's shoes were known for their casual elegance and comfort and in order to remain fashionable for all types of women, he created ranges with low and medium heels including the "T" strap, sales of which had surpassed one million pairs per year by 1973, the year Ugo died and left the company to then 18-year-old son Niccolo.


Continuing the legacy begun by his father is a labor of love for Niccolo who inherited the same passion for shoes and quality. "With each shoe in the Amalfi line, our designers seek a perfect marriage of quality and comfort,” said Niccolo. “That’s also why we continue to offer shoes in a full range of widths in an era when most manufacturers are scaling back. If the shoe fits, you’ll wear it. And Amalfi shoes are made to be worn."

Niccolo said his company's designers used cushion features in every Amalfi shoe, most of which are made using California construction or Sacchetto construction styles. "These true moccasin constructions mean each shoe is made from the inside out, with the upper and insoles of the shoe sewn together to form one piece.  The result is a shoe that’s as easy on the feet as it is on the eyes."

Since its inception in the 1930s, the Amalfi line has offered a full wardrobe of styles, from classic flats to cutting-edge fashions for the modern woman. What’s consistent across the line is their insistence on the finest of leathers and materials. Many of the finest tanneries in the world are located just miles from the Amalfi headquarters in Florence, Italy, and it’s from these that the leather for Amalfi shoes originates.

Despite such attention to detail and using only top quality materials, they are able to maintain competitive price points because of low overheads.

The company owns its own factories and employs its own staff which allows it to be hands on and in control of its quality and production.

TORRETTI by Andrea Chenier

For decades, Torretti has been one of Cresta’s cornerstone brands with a combination of classic styling and a dedication to comfort.


Torretti has progressively moved with current fashion trends, and this coming season emphasis has been placed on the retro styling trend that is emerging.


The new winter range has been highlighted with brogues and boots in a design collaboration with Andrea Chenier. This partnership creates an exciting range that draws on some of the great Torretti signature designs,while utilising high-grade, lightweight rubber soles to maximise the feel good factor.


Enjoy the comfort and great value that Torretti provides it loyal customers year after year.


Audley - Structured Elegance

Since 1988, Audley has been creating shoes where intellectual design meets quality and elegance.


This stimulus of philosophical design gives Audley the unique personality that is seen throughout it ranges. 


Tim and Fiona Slack have over 40 years experience in shoe design, and are the designers and co-founders of Audley. They provide the brand with its signature look and feel. 


Soft contoured styling counter pointed by Bauhaus architectural principles influence their ideas in shoe design. A technical understanding of fit and wearability are always in the mind of the designers. 


Audley shoes reflect the individuality of those who wear them, with a natural elegant feel.



A new addition to our brand awareness program is the exciting launch of ten new websites. These websites augment the PR being generated through magazines, papers and electronic media. They are designed to profile the latest selling styles in the market, and enhance the retail to customer experience. Keep an eye out for the new developments these sites will feature over time.


Why not browse and see for yourself.


Lilimill expresses a casual tone with a taste of sophistication. 

The casual refined styling is free-spirited and trendy while possessing a timeless look. 


Lilimill is a fashion-forward brand that manages to combine comfort with style.

This brand symbolises all the passion traditionally associated with the Italian shoemakers, ensuring it is noticed for all the right reasons.

Located in one of Italy’s foremost shoe producing regions, they preserve the Made in Italy tradition inherited from past generations while promoting constant improvement through innovation and research.

The nature of the Lilimill styling complements the fun and casual lifestyle that epitomises the Australasian way of life.



The secret is out. 

For the past few seasons, Torretti Red has quietly been sold through a select group of Australasian retailers. The impressive retail sales and positive feedback from the general public has established Torretti Red as a partner to its successful Italian master. 

While Torretti “Made in Italy” still maintains its signature styling, Torretti Red introduces a slightly younger, commercially priced product of extremely high quality. Torretti Red has carved its niche within the Torretti brand with Italian design and quality controls that are the envy of the industry. Combined with superior quality European and regional leathers, this successful formula is reflected in the sales growth of Torretti Red.

Torretti “Made in Italy” and Torretti Red are always evolving to incorporate the latest European trends, while maintaining their commercial appeal and fitting characteristics.

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